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Utførende arbeid, sveiser, sveis av vda lifting


About us

VDA Lifting – a certified enterprise of competence within the lifting and crane industry​We are located at Karmøy, Norway, a central location within the industry. Our competence has been shaped by unique experience, working with lifting with some of the biggest players in the industry.VDA Lifting is highly engaged in the digital landscape and puts this to good use in our daily business. The team we have put together can show for proven competence with sales, mechanical, project management, inspections, and engineering.Our current facility comprises a 400 m2 workshop for mechanical work, inspections, production and storage of lifting equipment. In addition, the outdoor area is approx. 3000 m2, used for storage purposes and expansion reserves.We provide digital documentation, which gives you access to your documentation anywhere, at any time – on desktop, iOS or Android devices. We strive to be sharp, effective and environmentally friendly, by getting rid of all the physical paperwork. With our digital tools and business method, our clients should have the most efficient outlook, attending the processes which matter the most.Our core values are innovation, responsibility and dedicationThrough our values VDA promises to deliver at the highest standard, doing our best to cover the client’s needs. VDA wants to create an innovative workplace by being creative and open-minded, and always conscious about safety – the very foundation of our business. Regulations and standards are not an obstacle for VDA, it’s an integral part of everything we do.

To mekanikere som samarbeider om å løse en oppgave


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