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Inspeksjon av inspektør fra VDA lifting, løftustyr

Enterprise of competence, in comply with the requirement under law and regulations

Inspections are documented by use of Onix Work – a software platform for lifting gear.
All data, all certificates and even user manuals for each piece of equipment is stored all in one place – at one time!

  • Initial inspection and certification

  • Periodic inspections

  • Extraordinary inspection

  • Safety evaluation of lifting gear

  • Lifting appliances and component

  • Evaluation of condition

  • Verification of documentation

  • Temporary approvals (rigging)

Lifting appliances (G):

  • Tower Cranes

  • Portal- swing and container cranes- G3

  • Bridge cranes - G4

  • Winches, reels, hoists, manual driven light rail mounted hoists, and swing cranes - G7 

  • Manual hoists - G10

  • Fixed hydraulic cranes - G20

Personnel lifts (P): 

  • All types (PX)


Installation and modification of equipment:

  • Maintenance of cranes and lifting equipment

  • Lifted objects


  • All types (MX)

Lifting gear (R): 

  • Chain-, fiber- and wire slings – R1, R2 and R3

  • Loose lifting gear; clamps, shackles, eye bolts, baskets, lift forks, etc. – R4

  • Lifting yokes, spreader beams, lifting frames, etc. – R5

  • Other equipment – R6


Fork lifts and similar(T):

  • All types (TX)


Operational support:

  • Weight Validation of lifting equipment and components

  • Load testing

Onix Certificate Base

  • All types (MX)

Studio- and scene-rigs(S):

  • All types (SX)

Earth moving machines with installed power more than 15KW (M): 

  • All types (MX)


  • Offshore

  • Onshore

  • Renewable Energy

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