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Menneske fra vda lifting ser på utstyr osom er mottatt fra leverandøren ets

Enterprise of competence, in comply with the requirement under law and regulations

Inspections are documented by use of Onix Work – a software platform for lifting gear.
All data, all certificates and even user manuals for each piece of equipment is stored all in one place – at one time!

  • Initial inspection and certification

  • Periodic inspections

  • Extraordinary inspection

  • Safety evaluation of lifting gear

  • Lifting appliances and component

  • Evaluation of condition

  • Verification of documentation

  • Temporary approvals (rigging)

Lifting appliances (G):

  • Tower Cranes

  • Portal- swing and container cranes- G3

  • Bridge cranes - G4

  • Winches, reels, hoists, manual driven light rail mounted hoists, and swing cranes - G7 

  • Manual hoists - G10

  • Fixed hydraulic cranes - G20

Personnel lifts (P): 

  • All types (PX)


Installation and modification of equipment:

  • Maintenance of cranes and lifting equipment

  • Lifted objects


  • All types (MX)

Lifting gear (R): 

  • Chain-, fiber- and wire slings – R1, R2 and R3

  • Loose lifting gear; clamps, shackles, eye bolts, baskets, lift forks, etc. – R4

  • Lifting yokes, spreader beams, lifting frames, etc. – R5

  • Other equipment – R6


Fork lifts and similar(T):

  • All types (TX)


Operational support:

  • Weight Validation of lifting equipment and components

  • Load testing

Onix Certificate Base

  • All types (MX)

Studio- and scene-rigs(S):

  • All types (SX)

Earth moving machines with installed power more than 15KW (M): 

  • All types (MX)


  • Offshore

  • Onshore

  • Renewable Energy

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