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Standard and explosion-proof bridge cranes


Automating handling

Waste Treatment, Sludge, Ash Handling and Biomass cranes are fully automated, versatile and reliable cranes with a compact and robust design.

Precise and safety positioning and slack rope prevention reduce hazards and improves crane performance.

Adjustable Speed Range optimizes the speed of your crane according to the weight of the load.

Our specific software enables fully automated control of the working cycle to optimize handling efficiently and reliably. Remote Monitoring to collect operating data, providing main information of crane status:

Load visualisation
Control by keyboard, mouse or App
Messages with warnings and alarms
Travel movements (x, y and z axis) are shown in motion
Display of the filling levels
Operating hour evaluation for all drives: crane, crab, trolley-hoist
Intuitive user interface

Cranes play a decisive role in modern plants, where demanding environmental rules and guidelines are applied. Therefore, it is essential that handling devices will operate always at maximum efficiency from the beginning of the process up to the final stage.

We develop different process configurations from semi-automated cranes to fully automated cranes controlled remotely and ensuring simultaneous tasks to comply with production plans throughout the entire process.

If cranes stop, the process is paralysed, and production stops.


We provide specialized maintenance services and spare parts.

We use many commercial worldwide brands easy to find in the marketplace.

This assure the fastest way to install spares when needed and reduce at minimum plant downtime.

Our first aim is to guarantee highest standard levels on safety and productivity of our customers’ operations. That’s the reason why PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is essential part of the job to preserve the system always at the top. We can create a Maintenance Plan based on your equipment, application and duty cycle.

We offer:

– Spare parts

– Maintenance program

– A Full Service assistance

– Modernizations

– Training

– Urgent repair services

Explosion-proof cranes Atex

Great production experience in the Ex-d anti-explosion field allows us to supply petrochemical and/or highly explosive environments. For the type and capacity, follow that previously indicated. ETS engineering Spa is able to supply its machines with anti-explosive, non sparking, increased safety, closed, externally ventilated, electric motors with brake. All appliances comply with the requested Standards regarding installation in dangerous areas, i.e. areas where explosive atmospheres may develop in determined conditions. The ETS overhead cranes can therefore be used in the pharmaceutical, oil, chemical, petrochemical, engineering, process plant engineering industries and in the mining and offshore maritime sectors. With the coming into force of the ATEX Directive and therefore the new rules inherent to the anti-explosion sector in force in the whole of Europe and not only, new management and control systems have been introduced to ensure a greater guarantee of safety on products introduced into the market, which are only to be used in potentially explosive environments. Regarding this, ETS is able to supply a product that complies with the ATEX Directive and which is therefore suitable for use in the European market and worldwide. In fact, the applications realised by ETS for ATEX classified plants, both in Italy and the rest of the world (Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, etc…) are numerous. For further information regarding the Atex Directive consult our Download section inside the site or send an e-mail to our technical office.

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